Puttygen exe download

Puttygen exe download

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I assume that you are using the NIX-style system, so check the Man page on ls (If this is a Linux box, then the man page for dircolors explains the commandthat allows you to customize these colors).

answered voretaq7 2010-10-28 19:04:28 source

in fact, this has nothing to do with PuTTy, it is your shell that makes different types of files directories in different colors. This is done using the environment variable LS_COLORS and the exact content of LS_COLORS is usually determined by dircolors, which is usually called a. Profile file, etc., depending on the OS used.

here is a great review of this.

Run this when you are connected to the linux host, and it will display a color scheme. Tested on Ubuntu 16.04 and CentOS 7.  Bash script

eval (echo “no: global default; fi: normal file; di: directory; ln: symbolic link; pi: named pipe; so: socket; do: door; bd: block device; cd: character device; or: orphan symlink; mi: missing file; su: set uid; sg: set gid; tw: sticky other writable; ow: other writable; st: sticky; ex: executable; sed-e ‘s g s n g IFS for i in LS_COLORS do echo -e e {i m (x {i% x} echo” x} echo” x e [m” done sample output  2

answered by laoist 2017-10-06 05:42:54 source

It can be putty, and it can be your sink. You can check it by running Putty.exe and going to configuration window colors. Looks at what colors that putty is configured to display. Also, at the top, if you allow the terminal to specify colors, you should check your shell to see if it sets the colors, like Bash can.  0

answered mfinni 2010-10-28 19:05:03 source

it is only in Putty, in the active putty window, right-click on the title bar, click on the settings, in the putty window of the reconfiguration, click on the colors inthe window option and deselect all parameters and apply. now it will only show black and white!  0

answered 2011-10-07 15:37:11 source

My working version, which works on both Mac OS and Ubuntu.

stuff the following three lines into this file: .bash_profile this file must be located on the server or on the machine that is running SSH-ing.)

Why is it needed?

Typically, this program is used to send commands to the server. Those. you configurePuTTY it connects to theserver you enter commands in the command line the server executes them.

Another application is the transfer of files from computer to server and back, but for such purposes theyoften use the free program Filezilla, Total Commander or Far Manager.