Puttygen exe download

Puttygen exe download

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ls file list;

ls -lha show all files (including hidden ones), file size, rights to them, date of last change;

ls -lha less allows you to view files page by page (if there are a lot of them);

mv rename and move

rm remove puttygen exe download

cp copy clearing the file. For example, you can apply to log files. access.log,> error.log,> combined.log)

mc something like Norton Commander in which it is convenient to work with files, and it is also possible to work with them on ftp (ftp inside ssh)

There is such a great SSH Client PuTTY for Windows.

A number of applications are included in its delivery:

PSCP client for SCP (remote file copying using encrypted scp protocol with command line control)


Plink command line interface to PuTTY

Pageant SSH Authentication Agent for PuTTY, PSCP and Plink

PuTTYgen utility for generating RSA and DSA keys

Two of them are very interesting: Plink and PSFTP.


For example, it was a couple of times, so it was necessary to merge upload files to a server where FTP was not configured, this application will help here.

d:> psftp.exe

psftp> open some_domain

login as: root

Password: Remote working directory usr home www data psftp> ls

Listing directory usr home www data

drwxr-x x 13 www www 512 Jul 19 18:13 drwxr-x x 2 www www 15872 Jul 26 00:03 logs

lrwxr-xr-x 1 root wheel 18 Apr 17 2007 public_html

drwxr-x x 17 www www 512 Jul 19 11:23 www Copy file. When copying the file we get to the same folder where PSFTP was launched.

psftp> cd public_html

Remote directory is now usr home www public_html

psftp> get hello.php

remote: /usr/home/www/public_html/hello.php local: hello.php upload file

psftp> cd public_html

Remote directory is now usr home www public_html

psftp> put hello2.php

local: hello2.php remote: /usr/home/www/public_html/hello2.php


It is convenient to perform some actions through it, for example, you can run a shell script that performs data backup. This may be especially true when using some hosting sites where SSH is available, but the execution time in Cron is limited in time. And if you run the script through plink, then everything will work out with a bang.

plink.exe -ssh -batch -l username -pw password sh backups start_backup.sh

Is there an opportunity to nastrit in Putty “Default Values”? I have to connect to a large number of different machines, and for each of them adjust the values of keepalive, encoding, scroolback, etc.